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Happy hump day! We have made it halfway through the week already! Is it just me or is this week flying by? I cannot believe we are already almost through the first month of the new year. I’m back with another #WhatUpWednesday post to share with all of you what I’m loving in my life at the moment!

What I’m excited about

I am super excited for a couple things. One is the new Danielle Steel book, “Fall from Grace”, I preordered that comes out next week! If you love Danielle Steel or are looking for a good new read, check out what it’s about and preorder it here. It sounds like another best seller and I am stoked to get caught up in another good book. I’m also excited for this weekend because we are most likely going to Mongolian BBQ for my sons birthday dinner and that is one of my all time FAVORITE restaurants! If you have never heard of it or been to one, checkout all they have to offer here! They have a ton of locations and an abundance of options, and whether you are all about the veggies or a total carnivore, you will find something you like. Personally, I always load my bowl up with chicken, broccoli, onions, carrots, spinach, some general tso sauce, garlic powder, and crushed red pepper to add a little kick. I eat it with tortillas and brown rice and it is one of my most favorite meals ever. If I could recreate this at home, I would eat it everyday. Now, I gotta stop talking about it– it is making me so hungry!

What I’m Watching

If you are a fan of the Big Bang Theory, then this show is for you. Ben and I watch the new series Young Sheldon every Thursday night after the new Big Bang and seriously guys, it’s hilarious. It’s kind of a nerdy show, seeing as how the storyline is about a kid genius but for being so smart, young Sheldon says some ridiculous stuff. His family is a hoot, too. If you watch Big Bang and Sheldon is one of your favorite characters, then you gotta watch Young Sheldon and see where it all started for him. Check out this clip from one of our favorite episodes! Hopefully you will all get a good laugh from it like we do.

What I’m Reading

Magazines, guys! I ran to the store yesterday and the new issue of Food Network magazine caught my eye– it had pasta on the cover and I love me some carbs! Now, I used to have a subscription to this magazine about 5 or 6 years ago and I just quit resubscribing but it seriously had so many good recipes in this issue that I resubscribed online as soon as I got to work this morning. Like I’ve said before, I LOVE cooking and am always looking for new recipes and drinks to try and since I can’t always watch the Food Network channel, I can at least get some of that goodness through some glossy pages at my fingertips. So, one of my favorite recipes in the January/February issue is for overnight oats. I’m the only one in my household that likes oatmeal so I don’t make it very often but overnight oats are usually made in a small mason jar that is perfect for just one. Check out a simple recipe for overnight oats here! You can add in any mix-in’s you would like and use almond milk or regular milk, let sit overnight in the fridge, and there you have it, instant breakfast ready for you in the morning. I’ll definitely be trying this in the future but for now, I buy the Quaker oatmeal brand overnight oats that I find at my local Meijer. So much easier for late nights when I want something simple the next morning.

What I’m Eating (or drinking)

I have been into making protein shakes lately. I just made a really good one for part of my dinner last night. I use ItWorks vanilla protein powder mix, some sliced fresh strawberries, a banana, a handful of spinach (gotta get those greens!), and some water. I use my Nutri Bullet and mix it all together and thats it! So simple and nutritious. I’ve also been munching on Smartfoods white cheddar popcorn (can be found in the chip aisle) and its a decent, healthy snack if it’s eaten in moderation. I’m trying to curb back my sugar and carb cravings and get in more protein and healthy fats. My protein shakes have over 24g of protein so that is like a meal in itself. Plus, I’ve noticed if I eat more protein, I don’t even crave anything sweet. I can’t tell you the last time I had chocolate. I indulged and had some ice cream the other night but it was plain vanilla, so not too bad. If you want some good protein shake recipes, leave a comment and we can chat! I’ll get you some good mix-in ideas.

What I’m Loving

So last week I was going to do a post about one of my favorite Christmas gifts I got and I completely spaced and forgot! So today I will tell you all about it because I am in love with it. It is my Vitality Essential Oil Diffuser bracelet that my mom got me. She got me 2, but I prefer the elastic over the tie bracelet. It smells good all day, helps with headaches and stress, and looks cute, too. You can find these bracelets and all different types of oils here. I prefer the energy blend, inner peace blend, and anything with lemon. They also sell diffuser necklaces that are super cute also. My next purchase will be the insomnia blend and trust you me, I will be wearing my bracelet to bed. Whats even better is that Vitality Extracts promotes wellness and balance, meaning some of the oils are signiature blends to help boost immunity and reduce stress. They also source their oils where plants grow natively from the finest farms that promote sustainable and ethical operations. I love being able to promote a company that does good for nature and cares about the planet. If you need oils, get them from Vitality Extracts, you won’t be sorry!

Alright friends, I gotta get ready to go pick up the kiddos from school and then head on home. Tonight is a night of leftovers for dinner and I did laundry last night so tonight I am able to relax and read a good book. I’ll be back with a Grace not Perfection post tomorrow so until then, enjoy the rest of your day!

Xoxo, Lexi

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