Grace not Perfection, part 3

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Every love story really is beautiful, but mine & my husbands really is my favorite. I met Ben when I was 18 and working a patio party, but he was still married to his first wife. Little did I know that wouldn’t be for much longer but before I would know that, I went off & lived life. I worked as a manager and bartender and met him at the restaurant I worked at. Well about 5 years goes by, I went off to college and worked at a different location of that restaurant, and came back to Ohio when I was 23, just after my first back surgery and out of an abusive relationship. Ben must have noticed I was back but I didn’t notice him much, he was just another customer at my bar at first. We would banter back and forth, as I would with all my customers, but he was very keen on talking to me. I was blind to it for the first few months while everybody else noticed. Well Christmas and the New Year roll around and he begins asking me out on a date– almost EVERY DAY. He was relentless and I was unsure due to him having 3 children and the 9 year age difference. I had my walls up and was guarded after the last guy ruined me. Well, Ben came in every Monday night to sit at the bar when I was bartending with his parents and a group of their friends. I will admit, I turned him down every Monday in front of a group of at least 8 people. Gahhh, I know, so rude! He even went as far as to call my aunt (the other manager) to get her to cover my shift and when she said she would, I told him thank you so I could then go and get my hair done. Such a bitch move! Now that I look back on it, I should have said yes the first time beacause I would have had more time to love him. And as we like to say, it all started with a beer…

Anyways, after he started coming in daily on my day shifts just to chat (occassionally asking for a date), I saw he was the real deal. I asked around about him because it was a small town and my family knew his family for a few years, and everybody said he was a caring, warm, kind-hearted, hard working man. Well, I eventually saw that for myself once I took my blinders off. So, the second week of March, he asked me out and he said it was his last time. If I said no, he said screw it, I’m done. He said, “I’m making spaghetti for my daughters 10th birthday, if you want to come thats great. If not, then whatever, I’m done asking”, and I finally said yes. So on March 14, 2014, I went to his house for our first date and the rest is history; we have been inseperable since then! God gave me a story that is better then what I could have written for myself.

So, this brings me to Grace not Perfection part 3: Invest in your person. Our spouses play an incredible role in our lives as our helper, partner, and friend. When we drive each other nuts and when we are continuously busy, we still choose each other; our signifigant other will always be our person. We are polar opposites sometimes, but God made my life more fun when he put us together. Because of Him, I’ve had experiences I never would have otherwise. We choose each other because our hearts are in line, we choose family first, we choose funny movies and candy after a long day at work but above all else, we choose each other day after crazy day.

Ben knows me better then anyone else does and I feel like that’s why it’s so easy to snap at him some days. When I snap at him, I feel awful afterwards because he never does anything wrong to deserve it but ya know, we all have our days. He eventually draws out the best in me and I in turn end up apologizing. It’s a vicious cycle! But sometimes life is really good and other times it’s really hard. But you know what? We have each other  and thats all that matters. Through some of the happiest and hardest moments of our lives, our love has grown thick and strong, and can withstand the tests of time. How many of you can say that about your partner? Our love is like a blanket we can wrap up in when we get cold, or for those hard moments when we just aren’t sure about anything. When it comes down to that, schedule a date night or establish routines and new traditions and always remember, pick your battles.

In the end, always remember your person will always be there for you. They will be there to hold your hand, support you, walk by your side, and anything else you need help with. If it wasn’t for Ben, I wouldn’t be half the person I am today. I attribute so much of who I am to him; he is my biggest supporter. Offer grace to your person and walk through life holding onto that grace and most of all, love.

So tell me about your love story, I love a story like Ali & Noah from The Notebook. I’m a sucker for a good romance! Or just drop a comment and tell me about your person.

Alright, I’m off to finish the workday then enjoy a date night with Ben tonight! I’ll come at ya Monday morning with a roundup of what I did over the weekend.

Have a good Friday eve, y’all!

Xoxo, Lexi


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