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Well guys, it’s Thirsty Thursday so you know what that means…head to your favorite local dive bar or pub and grab a cold one to celebrate Friday eve! I prefer a small hometown bar as opposed to a restaurant bar. I know I said last night Ben & I were going to the legion tonight for drinks, but he reminded me that we need to head on over to a small town called Metamora in Ohio and see our good friend Kurt, owner of Gus ‘n Gomers. It’s only about a 10 minute drive from our office so we will leave from here and head on over for a couple brews and some dinner. For being a small bar with about 6 tables and some bar stools, they jam packed it with a kitchen that churns out some absolutely AMAZING food (and each week they do crazy awesome specials daily). Check out their menu here. We are looking forward to a large pizza with enough leftover for a midnight snack tonight!

So anyways, enough about what we are doing tonight. I’m here today to tell you about some awesome products I am using ATM. I hope you have heard of them at least or will try them out after reading this post. So lets start with…

It Works

Well, the name says it all, it works! I’m sure you have all seen or heard about “that crazy wrap thing” and if you haven’t check out all the prodcuts they have to offer here, it’s much more than just a crazy wrap. They offer protein shake mix, vitamins, lotions, and more. You can shop around and read all about the products but I am here today to tell you about my two favorites: Berry Greens and It’s Vital Core Nutrition. I use the individual berry greens packets and mix them with 8oz. of water. In just a small packet, it detoxifys, alkalizes, and balances your body. I swear by these to get all my antioxidants and fruit/vegetable servings daily. It also has 52 nutrient rich superfoods and herbs in it. Matcha green tea is added to it as well for the fat burning componets, so while drinking something healthy it is helping rid away that stubborn fat if that is an issue for you! I also swear this is what keeps me from getting sick with the flu (knock on wood I didn’t just jinx myself). I drink one a day and have yet to be sick this winter season with much more then a stuffy nose and a cough. Better yet, it tastes good for a mix-in powder, too! If you sign up as a loyal customer under a distributor (I can hook ya up with mine), you get it for only $35 as opposed to $59. Such a great deal!

Next up is the it’s vital core nutrition vitamins. These babies pack in a mind/energy blend to stay energized and mentally and physically sharp throughout the day. You take 3 with your first meal of the day and it powers you through. Check out all the vitamins and energy/body blends it packs into a little pill here. That can explain all the ingredients better than I can (and help keep this post fairly short). All in all, these are 2 products I can’t live without daily. I always make sure I have a steady supply of both!


So thankfully I was blessed with long, thick eyelashes but I still like to make them look spectacular. I do this with the help of the Epic Mascara from Younique products. My best friend sells Younique so she introduced me to it and guys, let me tell you, it is LIFE CHANGING. Just one coat and your lashes are miles long, it’s wonderful. I don’t use any other mascara but this and yes, it is kind of pricey ($24 a tube) but it is so worth it. Plus, there are usually specials going on like free shipping, a bundle discount (so you can try out their other amazing products), or a percentage off if you order through a distributor (I can hook you up with Chassie, shes the best!). Check out her page here and treat yourself to some new makeup or skincare products– you know you want to!

So there ya have it, my 3 favorite products ATM. Sorry I gotta cut this short today but I just wanted to hop on real quick, I have some work to get done before the days over and I am SO ready to go! I’ll catch up with you all Monday for a weekend roundup so enjoy the rest of your day and have a wonderful weekend!

Xoxo, Lexi


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