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GUYS– HOW IS IT ALREADY WEDNESDAY!? I’m SO excited because my weekend kind of starts tomorrow. It’s another weekend without the kids after I drop them off at school tomorrow and Ben & I are going to have a whole “date weekend”, starting tomorrow night. I’ll fill you guys in on it in this post because so far I have loved this week and it’s only going to get better! So without further adieu, here’s what I’m loving at the moment.

What I’m eating (and drinking)

I have always been a Starbucks fan, but in the past couple years I have fell in love with their tea, specifically the green tea.


It is seriously so good unsweetened and powers me through my day. Though I do not get one everyday (I settle for hot green tea other days I just get at the gas station), I could drink about 3 of these a day. It has so many health benefits– check out this article with some research here. I don’t drink pop and rarely juice, so I settle on herbal teas and some good ol’ H2O. What is REALLY good though that I’ve been munching on lately are some darn good brownies my daughter made, so gooey and soft. I know the sugar is bad but luckily she cut them super tiny so a small sliver won’t hurt me. Plus, they are just Ghirardelli Triple Fudge Brownie box mix! I’ve never tasted something so delicious come from a box :).

What’s on my mind

Vacations! I am longing for a vacation with my hubby. We usually take 2 or 3 trips to Florida a year so I’m waiting for that– just look at this beautiful sunset in Sarasota on Siesta Key (voted Americas #1 beach for over the past 5 years!).


Can somebody just teleport me here for a week with unlimited margaritas and sunshine? Because I am sun deprived right now and my skin is showing that (and yes, I have a half unfinished tattoo– that half sleeve will soon be a full sleeve). We do have some mini trips coming up though, such as The Burning of the Snowman Festival in Port Clinton, Ohio next month. Check out their Facebook page to see what it’s all about! Besides that, we have some long weekend trips planned for this summer we are taking on the bike so I am beyond excited for those trips! Nothing but the wind in my hair and sun in my face– take me there now!

What I’m excited about

I am excited for this weekend! Ben and I are going to the legion tomorrow night for “Taco ‘Rita Thursday”, meaning cheap margaritas and tacos– my fave! Friday night we will be back at the legion for the steak fry since I am helping sell raffle tickets for the evening while enjoying a good meal with even better friends. Saturday I am spoiling myself with a massage, getting my nails done, getting my weddings rings cleaned (thankfully– they are pretty dirty!), and a little shopping and Panera Bread with my mom (my favorite restaurant). Then once I get home, Ben and I will make dinner and probably order a movie so we can stay in with the dogs. The picture below is my cuddly pooches the other night– this is what we do when we have no kids, take over the couch! Sunday wraps up the weekend with a meeting for Ben & I to attend then my sister is coming over for dinner. Not big plans, but exciting ones to us! I’m sure I will be looking forward to planting my butt on the couch in the evenings after 2 nights out in a row (see below).


What I’m loving

My dogs– enough said. They are just too cute for words! These were their fall pictures. Luna is the lab (as you know if you have read my previous posts) and Hershey is the Akita/Australian Shepherd mix (my rescue puppy!).

What I’m watching

Currently I am more obsessed than ever with the Food Network channel and have gravitated towards the Kids Baking Championship. For being between the ages of 9-12, these freakin’ kids can BAKE! I could cook at that age but I did not perfect the art of baking until I hit the teen years. Some of the stuff these kids make I still can’t make to this day. Did anybody see last weeks episode? Lemon bars with walnuts? Gross! My favorite was the lemon blueberry bars because that is a flavor combination everybody should love. If not, try this Blueberry Lemon Bread with Lemon Glaze. You will fall in love! I DVR’d the new episode from last night because my youngest Brynlee is obsessed with the show now and she is bugging me at the moment to watch it so I need to hurry up and finish this post! #ilovedripcakes

Alright guys, bedtime is in an hour which means I have just enough time to watch Kids Baking Championship with Bryn to satisfy her. I don’t know if I will be able to keep my eyes open though because Ben thought 4am was a GREAT time to wake up today…supposedly I kicked him, but I don’t believe that for a second. He just couldn’t sleep and I guess my body thought it was a good time to wake up, too. After all, the morning bird gets the worm, right? HA! Lies! I have been a grouchy, crabby, hot mess all day because I literally woke up on the wrong side of the bed. So I am going to go cuddle the little one and try to enjoy this last hour (and sneak a brownie again).

Let me know what’s up in your lives, anything new & exciting? Link your post to this or just drop a comment! I’d love to read what you’re up to! Enjoy whats left of the evening, loves! I’ll be back tomorrow with a surprise post you will absolutely love!

Xoxo, Lexi

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