OMG guys, I have been slacking! I didn’t come at ya with a post Monday or Tuesday. I have good reasons though! I spent Monday afternoon/night cleaning and then with my hubby and Tuesday, I finished up cleaning the house and made dinner and cookies with the kids. Plus, yesterday seemed like a long day so I was pooped by the time I finally sat down. So no, there will not be a weekend roundup or devotion post this week, but I’ll make up for it in this post! Btw, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! It was decent outside so that made my weekend more enjoyable (plus spending it with friends, too). So anyways, as I sit here and listen to Luna snore loudly, I give you a new #WhatUpWednesday post for all you lovelies to read!

What I’m Eating

This past weekend, Ben and I went out with some friends to the Bunker Bar. It’s a little hole in the wall but let me tell ya, they had some awesome food. I had the steak bites with their house made steak sauce (which was a combination of ranch and A1– my two faves!) and I fell in love. I have been craving them ever since. Also, I made some French Onion Soup in the crockpot last night but it was past my bedtime by the time it was done so I didn’t indulge, though it smelled AMAZING! I am so excited to go home and eat a big bowl of that tonight and try out a new recipe! If you are an A1 lover, you will love this recipe. It combines ground beef, cheese, mashed potatoes, and of course, A1 sauce. I will come at ya with that recipe and comments about it tomorrow.

What I’m Loving

The Ree Drummond houseware collection from Walmart. THERE IS SO MUCH CUTE STUFF! I bought a few items earlier today but my favorites are the Flea Market 6-Drawer Tea Box and the Flower Garden Tea Kettle. I am an avid hot tea drinker so these two items are going to be priceless in my home. Better yet, I can use the tea kettle to make hot chocolate for the kids, too! They both have beautiful artwork on the products that is bright and colorful and are also both under $30 each– what a steal! I also got this adorable utensils holder for all my spoons (find it here), which is also under $15!pioneer-woman-pioneer-vintage-floral-6-75-inch-utensil-holder_r188671370202

What I’m Excited About

I am excited for the second Legion Crawl of this year! In a couple weeks, we will be back on a bus hanging out with all our friends but this time, we are headed to the casino for the evening! I am not one to gamble, it makes me angry everytime I see the dollar amount going down– please tell me I’m not the only one like that?! I will be part of the group who hangs out at the bar for the evening while Ben goes and plays the penny slots. I will be making some yummy Jello shots for this trip, too! I’m thinking of buying the plastic syringes to put the Jello in this time and I found the perfect website for this. Head on over to EZ-squeeze to see all their products they have to offer. Birthday cake Jello?! I’m in!

What’s On My Mind

Uhh, guys, is anybody else ready for summer? I know I am! That’s all I have been thinking about lately. I have a bad case of WTRMM– or better yet, wanting to ride my motorcycle! I have Harleys on the brain in a baaaad way. I know Ben is feeling the same way (I see how he looks at his bike when he is in the garage) and we can’t wait to get out there and just ride anywhere! Sometimes we have a destination in mind, other times we don’t and sometimes, it’s better off that way. That is usually when we find the best little towns that have the cutest little places to check out. Ben has already been sitting down, planner in hand, putting all the dates of scheduled rides into our calendar so we have lots to look forward to!

What I’m Reading

I have been trying to finish Grace not Perfection and I have dove into it so deep that if I write a post just on that, it will be like a 20 min read. So how about I just sum up the past few chapters up in a few sentences. First off, give in to the mess. It’s simple: everything does not have to be Pintrest-worthy all the time in your home or life. Life happens and things get messy so embrace it. There will always be time to pick up but the moments spent with those we love will soon be distant memories. In those moments when we give ourselves the grace to let everything else fall away, we find out most sincere happiness. Second, it takes a village to do life well. Don’t work well with others? Tough shit. We all need a life partner or some kind of help sometimes. Luckily I have Ben and my parents and to tackle this village, it takes all of them somedays. Lastly, find a balance in your life. Family is always first, work comes second, and my people who matter come third. Acceptance is huge when it comes to finding a balance because you have to accept that the order that you keep things in reflects on the kind of person you are and accept those you surround yourself with. So, I will leave you with this: “Therefore, accept each other just as Christ has accepted you so that God will be given glory” (Romans 15:7).

What I Want to Watch

Speaking of motorcycles, I’ve heard Sons of Anarchy is a super good show! It’s been off the air for a couple years but they have a spin-off show coming out later this year and I really want to watch it! So I feel like I need to binge watch Sons in order to follow the storyline on this new show. Ben and I need a new show to watch anyways and luckily it’s on Netflix. So I’m thinking either tonight or sometime this week we gotta start it because seriously, a show based around riding motorcycles? Count me in. Plus, the bikes will be eye candy for Ben. Here’s to hoping I can keep my eyes open long enough to watch an episode or two tonight after the kids go to bed.

Alright guys, I know this was a short post for being MIA the past 2 days but I want to read a couple chapters in my book before I go pick up the kids from school. I hope you all enjoy the rest of your Wednesday– we have made it halfway through the week, we can do this!

Xoxo, Lexi

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