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mondayGuys– I had all the #weekendvibes this past weekend. It was mostly me being lazy & a bookworm but damn you Monday, you snuck up on us again. As much as I usually hate Mondays, its just a reminder that Mondays are a new beginning and a chance to be thankful for a fresh start. I’m trying to be more positive about Mondays (even though its heartbreaking that the weekend ended) and not be such a debbie-downer on Mondays anymore. I don’t see why I hate Mondays in the first place, it’s usually a good day for me but, like most people, Mondays always end up just being blah by the end of the day. So enough rambling about how Monday really makes me feel, lets talk about the weekend.

My weekend started Friday after work and it was going to be a night in with the kids and Ben. I made beef enchiladas with white queso sauce (I found the recipe on Pinterest here) and I know the recipe called for chicken but I had beef on hand and they still turned out SO good! We ate 2 small pans of them, with no leftovers of course. We ended the night watching TV and relaxing but I started a new book and read all evening. It was Past Perfect by my favorite author Danielle Steel. It’s pretty much a modern day ghost story with a weird plot twist at the end– such a good read! I finished it by Saturday if that says anything about how good it was. Saturday I went shopping with my oldest at the mall and we literally shopped til we dropped our butts back in the seat of the truck! We had lunch at our favorite place– Panera Bread! Once we got home I didn’t feel like cooking so we ordered in pizza and waited for the snow to start that they were calling for. Well Sunday morning we wake up and it’s like a mini blizzard outside. Probably 3 inches or so down on the groud and it was still coming down hard. It snowed on and off all day so we stayed in, made breakfast, I took a nap, then I made dinner. We had homemade chicken alfredo. I did not have any heavy cream (which is a staple in alfredo sauce) so I searched for a recipe without it that would still pack a bunch of flavor into it. It is yet another recipe I found on Pinterest, but I added a couple things. Here’s the recipe for the alfredo sauce:

  • 4 tablespoons butter or margarine
  • 3 tablespoons flour
  • 2 cups milk
  • Garlic salt & pepper to taste
  • Everyday seasoning from Trader Joes (if you don’t have any, no big deal, I just had some on hand)
  • 1/4-1/2 cup parmesan cheese (powdered or freshly grated. If using freshly grated, start with 1/4 cup and adjust from there)
  • 1/3 cup Kraft Italian 5-cheese blend

Start by melting the butter over medium heat. Add the flour and whisk until all the lumps are gone. Slowly add the milk, whisking as you pour and keep whisking until any lumps are removed. Add your seasonings and stir. Dump in your parmesan cheese and whisk constantly for 2 minutes or until it is all melted. Add in your Italin 5-cheese blend and whisk until completely melted. Let boil for 5-8 minutes on medium-high heat or until thickened to the consistency you like. After that, just take off heat and let cool. It will thicken up more as it cools down so if it becomes too thick, add a little milk or some pasta water to thin it out. Add to some linguine noodles and sliced chicken and theres a good meal everyone will love!

Alright everyone, I’ll be back tomorrow with another post. It’ll be a short devotion post and I’ll also tell you about my new Inspire bible I ordered from Amazon (that you can color in!– great stress reliever). I hope you all enjoy the rest of your Monday– don’t let the Monday blues get you down! The day is flying by and before you know it, it will be Friday!

Did you try any new recipes this weekend? Link up a recipe or your Pinterest page and give me some new ideas! Or just tell me about your weekend– I’d love to hear who you were cheering for in last nights Superbowl! I’m a devoted Pats fan even though they lost– Go Pats!

Xoxo, Lexi

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