Finding forgiveness

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Philippians 4-13

Happy Tuesday, y’all! This week is already flying by thank goodness because I’m ready for a weekend with my husband. We have a few plans this weekend but I’ll get into that in tomorrows blog post. Anyways, the day is almost over for me because I leave early to pick up the kids then we are headed home to make breakfast for dinner. I haven’t done that in a long time and it sounds yummy, plus its quick. My oldest has a hair appointment tonight so we will be at the salon for a couple hours so a quick dinner beforehand is what we plan on doing. So, on with todays post.

I told all of you it would be a short devotion post and when I say short, I mean it. Todays verse speaks for itself. Believe in Christ and you can do whatever you put your mind to. He gives us all strength we sometimes don’t know we have. What goes hand in hand with this is my weekly prayer project for this week– forgiveness. Life is to short to hold a grudge or stay mad at somebody for too long– don’t even stay mad at yourself for too long. No matter what you have done or where you’ve been, God longs to give you the freedom of His forgiveness. Forgive yourself for those words you said to somebody or forgive somebody else for what they did to you. Live in happiness. Be easy on yourself. You’re on a diet and ate a piece  of cake? Forgive yourself. That may seem silly but forgiveness starts with the smallest gestures and it can only go up from there. Forgiveness strenghtens us– it puts a fire back in our soul to know we let go of that weight on our shoulders. All in all, say a prayer today to ask for forgiveness for whatever the reason may be– God is listening and is willing to help you. Let go and let God.

Alright, I’ll leave you with that. I’ll be back tomorrow with a #WhatUpWednesday post to tell you whats new and exciting in my life this week!

Have a favorite prayer or verse right now that is relatable to your life? Drop it in the comments, I’d love to see what is making you feel good at the moment! Lets spread the love and happiness– especially since cupids day of love is right around the corner! Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday guys!

Xoxo, Lexi

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