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Happy hump day! We have officially made it halfway through the week and I don’t know about you, but I need the weekend right about now. I just feel mentally exhausted for some reason and it’s showing. Ben could tell last night something was wrong and I’m just like, I don’t even have an answer for you because I seriously don’t know what my deal is. Just one of those weeks where I want to crawl into a hole away from everybody and sleep the days away. I’m just excited tomorrow is Thursday because that means date night with Ben, so that makes me a little happier. I just gotta keep telling myself to push through today but today started out rough. We got MORE dang snow last night and the commute to the kids school and work was awful this morning. Think going 25mph for 25 miles– it sucked. I still think school should have canceled but obviously they thought otherwise. Plus, we are supposed to get EVEN MORE SNOW starting tomorrow night into Friday and Saturday (some are saying 6-9 freakin’ inches) and I’m just over here thinking, is it close to Spring yet? I want to cry everytime we get more snow, it’s miserable. So enough babbling, lets get on to the real reason you are here. Here’s whats new and exciting in my life!

What I’m excited about

THE WEEKEND. I am so dang excited for the weekend. I just need to reset and spend some time with Ben. Ben has a couple meetings tomorrow night so I am going to tag along and hang out with our friends who are there while he takes care of business. Of course while we are out we will grab dinner at the legion– you can’t pass up $.75 cent tacos and $2 margaritas! We have dinner plans Saturday night for an early Valentines day celebration at our favorite little bar, Gus -n- Gomers. My mom is watching the dogs so we can go enjoy an evening out without having to hurry up and get home (thanks momma!). Now Sunday, I can’t wait to lay around all day and do absolutely nothing but spend the day with Ben and the dogs. Maybe if I’m feeling up to it and depending on the roads from the weather, I may make a trip to Trader Joes because I really need some new seasonings for cooking but otherwise, I’m taking advantage of a lazy day consisting of sleeping in, eating, and taking a nap.

What I’m buying

I love this little online boutique called Lime Lush. I found it through an advertisement on Facebook and I literally buy most all my tops there during the summer because they are the cutest and have SO MANY FLORAL PRINTS. If you know me personally or have read a couple of my previous posts, you know I love a good floral print. Well, I’m pretty sure I have enough floral print shirts for the time being, so I was browsing their dresses and came across this super cute wrap style dress that comes in just heather grey, but it’s perfect for this time of year. Our legion crawl bus trip is next weekend and I wanted a new outfit that would go with my ankle booties and this dress is perfect for a casual, yet somewhat dressy look. I understand I sound crazy because I want to wear a dress in the middle of February but guys, it’s long sleeve and it’s not like I’m going to be outside all damn day. I’ll be on a bus for over 3 hours then in a casino all night, I think I can brave the cold for the short walk to and from the bus. Really though, head on over to their website and browe all they have to offer. They have adorable cheap shoes, too. And when I say cheap I don’t mean they are made cheap (they last forever!), but their clothes and shoes are reasonably priced. Plus, all their items are made in America so it’s even better to support them!

What I’m reading

Guys, I’m literally obsessed with Danielle Steel. I’m reading yet another one of her new books. She puts out so many books each year, it’s hard to try and keep up with them all. Thank goodness I browe Barnes and Noble online every couple weeks so I don’t lose track of when her next new book is coming out. Fall from Grace is a book that transports you into the fashion world and a behind the scenes look at what can go wrong in a worst-case scenario. I just started it Sunday and will probably finish it tonight. I get so caught up in her novels that I lose track of time and before I know it, I’m finished with it and am so sad (am I the only one who gets sad about finishing a book?). I know its a good book when I feel like the characters are part of my life and it feels like you’re loosing a good friend when the book ends. Check it out and be sure to like Danielle Steel on Facebook for updates about new books and release dates!

What I’m eating

Tonight we are going to our favorite local restaurant– which also happens to be owned by my family. My grandma opened The Grasshopper on May 13, 1971 and is a silent partner in it now as my dad runs the operation. It is a family based, hometown Tex-Mex restaurant with AMAZING food. I’m not just saying that because I’m biased and grew up eating it pretty much daily (especially when I worked there). They have been voted best Mexican restaurant in Lenawee county since the early 2000’s when they started doing the Best of Lenawee. If you love guacamole, then Grasshopper is the place to go. It is freshly made in small batches throughout the day so it’s always fresh and flavorful. They go through pounds and pounds of avacados each week to keep up with the demand for it and once they are out of it for the day, that’s it– you will have to come back the next day for more. Everything is good there from the tacos and fajitas, to homemade tamales and huevos rancheros. Really though, I only like to go for the guacamole these days and I can eat a whole order of it by myself (which I’m totally happy doing so) and I don’t feel one bit guilty afterwards because c’mon, its a healthy fat. It tastes good and is so good for you! I could keep raving about the guacamole but go check it out for yourself next time you are in Southeast Michigan. Check out their menu & more here. Be warned though, the chips and queso are the house speciality and it is a secret recipe only a few people know. I don’t even know it and I’m the owners daughter. People have been raised on this since they were babies and they love visiting a hometown favorite when they come back home. Also, don’t forget the tequila! You can’t have tacos without a good margarita and they have several flavors and tequilas to choose from, so choose wisely. My personal favorite is the maui margartia with Patron tequila. Or if you aren’t a tequila fan, a good Titos vodka & soda will quench your thirst, too.


Alright, now I’m starving and even more excited for dinner tonight!

So, I’ll leave all you lovelies with this for today & I’ll be back tomorrow to tell you more about The Grasshopper and the amazing food! Hopefully you all are enjoying the week more then I am but are still looking forward to the weekend. Enjoy the rest of your day, make it a good one!

Xoxo, Lexi

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