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Happy Valentines Day! Or better yet, happy GALentines day (Golden Girls, anyone?). If it’s just another day or a hallmark holiday to you, then you’ve come to the right place. Ben & I don’t really do anything for Valentines day, especially this year because we have the kids so we will spend the evening at home. Though if you do celebrate it with your SO or best girlfriend, props to you! I LOVE love, so enjoy this special day for me and eat lots of chocolate! I haven’t wrote since last week– such a slacker! I’ve just been enjoying life though and this was not a top priority, but I finally have a few free minutes before I run some errands and go to the dentist (which I absolutely hate, don’t you?!). So I didn’t do a weekend roudup or any post on Tuesday but honestly, my weekend consisted of going out every night with my husband so there’s not much to talk about. We had good food, good times, and spent it with good people (including my best friend who came to visit from South Carolina!). So anyways, I figured I would share with you what is new and exciting in my life. Let’s start this Wednesday off with a bang!

What I’m Watching

Two and a half men reruns. Such a freakin’ good show! Yes, it’s an oldie but a goodie. Ben used to watch this years ago and then we got so caught up in other shows we kinda forgot about it but there are a couple channels showing reruns every night for like 4 hours, so thats pretty awesome. If you need a good laugh, thisis the show to watch. Personally, I like the newer episodes with Ashton Kutcher when he replaced the original Charlie Sheen but Ben begs to differ and enjoys Charlie Sheen more. And c’mon, Alan is the best part of the show– he’s so damn goofy and always putting his foot in his mouth saying the wrong shit at the wrong time. If you need a good show to watch, head on over to IFC or Comedy Central to catch up on this show.

What I’m Loving

I am absolutely in love with the new spring collection from Victoria Secrets Pink line. I bought a couple new sweatshirts and they are some of the most comfortable clothes I own now. It also doesn’t hurt that the colors are freakin’ stunning and match everything from jeans to sweatpants or yoga pants. Check out this black and white tropical print quarter-zip sweatshirt. I have it in this print and get SO many compliments on it. Plus, I love how it has the higher neck on it but it’s still comfortable. Also, their sports bras are suuuuper comfortable, it feels like you’re wearing nothing. Check out this unlined strappy sports bra that matches the quarter-zip sweatshirt. They have so many cute prints but I like my stuff to match. Plus, this sports bra will match all my black running leggings so I can wear just a bra and pants to workout in. Pink has some amazing deals going on right now, too (like 2 bras for $48). Head on over and buy some stuff for yourself– you know you want to!

What I’m Excited For

I am SUPER excited for the 2nd legion bus crawl this Saturday. It is a trip to Firekeepers casino in Battle Creek, Michigan. All of my good friends are going and I even bought a new dress for the occasion (check out last weeks #WhatUpWednesday post here and read about the wrap dress I bought). I’ll be making jello shots and snacks later this week for the bus and got my nails done Monday so I am just about ready for a fun filled date night including our friends!

What I’m Pinning

I have been a Pinterest junkie the past couple days at work instead of reading. So, here are a few of my favorite pins:

  • Girl scout cookie season is upon us and what better way to enjoy some cookies than with this spiked thin mint shake. Checkout the recipe and then when you get those cookies you ordered, make one for yourself! I can’t think of a better way to enjoy some thin mints (unless they are frozen, because that is the best way to eat a thin mint).
  • This baked burrito casserole is sure to be on our dinner menu next week. It comebines so many good Mexican flavors in one dish and it’s even easy to put together. I feel like this will be a recipe with no leftovers– score!
  • One of my favorite words: bacon. I love bacon. I’m sure many of you can relate. But what if there was bacon in your favorite comfort food dish: macaroni and cheese. Two of my favorite foods together sounds like heaven. So thats why I will be making crockpot bacon mac & cheese. Super simple to put together and a hearty meal will be the end result. Serve with some biscuits on the side and you have a filling meal everybody will love. I will be using hormel real bacon bits in place of freshly cooked bacon in order to cut down on the time and I’m sure it’ll taste just as good.
  • If you are following the Keto diet, then this list of keto approved fruits is for you. I personally don’t follow the Keto diet to a T, but I do try to cut back on carbs and eat Keto approved foods. I consume a lot of protein, some carbs, and I try to get vegetables in my diet when I can (I’m a huge fan of green beans– I’ll eat a whole can in one sitting). Keep this list of Keto approved fruits handy though; even if you aren’t following the Keto diet, it is still a good list to refer back to.

Alright everyone, sorry to cut this short but I have to get on with my day. Almost time for the dreadful dentist. I’ll be back tomorrow with a post you don’t want to miss!

Enjoy the rest of your Valentines day with the ones you love or if you’re single, then enjoy keeping all the chocolates to yourself! Have a great rest of your Wednesday!

Xoxo, Lexi

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