A guide to natural therapies

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Happy Friday everybody! I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty darn happy it’s Friday. We are going out of town tomorrow to Port Clinton for a festival, so I’ll tell you all about that in my weekend roundup on Monday! I’m just so excited to get out of town with our friends, even if it’s only for a day. Luckily, I’m not sick with a cold or anything, which I was positive I was going to come down with since I’ve felt so rundown all week. Which brings me to this post: all-natural therapies. I am all for using oils for healing ailments and relieving stress, meaning I am part of the 1/3 of Americans that have turned to some form of alternative medicine. Many people say these remidies just plain work, plus they don’t have all the nasty side effects of OTC medication or prescribed medications. But when I say all-natural therapies, I don’t just mean oils. I mean massage therapy, accupuncture, yoga, hot tea, vitamins, and more. So I’m going to be telling you of some of the best all-natural therapies and remidies you can do at home!

Colds & Flu

Nearly everybody suffers from a runny nose, annoying cough, or chills and achy muscles at least once during the winter months. Don’t always ask for antibiotics. Instead, you need to boost your immunity so your body can mount an immune response. Look for a pill at your local health food store such as Whole Foods that contains andrographis and Siberian ginseng. Used together, they seem to stimulate the immune system to help fight off viruses and also ease the symptoms if you have already contracted a virus. Look for a pill that delivers 4-5.6mg of andrographis and 400mg of ginseng. Vitamin C and zinc your go to for a cold? Save your money. The National Institutes of Health says those standbys don’t do much.


Peppermint oil. Rub a little at edge of your temples away from your eyes and a little at the base of your neck. DO NOT use pure peppermint oil, it will burn your eyes because it is so strong. Take a couple drops mixed in with some organic coconut oil and rub on. The warmth it produces on the skin can ease the pain underneath. Also, the tried and true tale of caffeine helps with dreaded headaches. Drink a cup of coffee or green tea and see if that doesn’t help.


The dreaded chest pain you get after eating a deliciously spicy meal. It tastes good going down, but the aftermath burns. The old folk tale that downing a glass of milk after a spicy meal has been proven effective due to the calcium in the milk. Calcium is alkaline– it balances out acids and can tame the fire. Also, magnesium is a huge help. Try to aim for around 400mg up to four times a day if you are a frequent sufferer of heartburn. Not a fan of either one of those? Ginger lemon hot tea settles the stomach and eases the burn. The plus side of that tea is that if you drink it often enough, it eventually begins to help clean out clogged arteries. This tea is a cheap fix that can be found at your local grocery store– no special store needed for this.

A Healthy Gut

Did you know that 6 pounds of our body weight is pure bacteria? Yeah, gross. For the average person, these microorganisms match the number of human cells! But good bacteria can help you to digest food, facilitate nerve communication to the brain and can even influence your mood. This is why probiotics are becoming more and more popular. Taking probiotics– or eating foods that encourage the growth of good bacteria– can make your tummy healthy again. Health food stores sell all natural probiotics that don’t contain any fake products. Take a couple a day and add some of these gut-healthy foods into your diet:

  • Green Bananas
  • Yogurt (activia is a great one for containing probiotics)
  • Tempeh (if you’re a vegetarian)

And look for probiotics that contain the following (which make the most sense):

  • Saccharomyces boulardii
  • Lactobacillus
  • Bifidobacterium

Soothe Your Mind

‘Nuff said. Here are some things and techniques that can help keep your brain from being full of crap!

  • Lavender oil (helps soothe anxiety)
  • Chamomile tea contains chemical such as apigenin and luteolin that calm your nervous system
  • Omega-3 fatty acids (2.5mg per day)
  • Weighted blanket
  • Exercise (yoga, running, dance, etc.)
  • Meditation

Alright everyone, I hope you find this helpful to some degree. I know not everybody is all about the all-natural remidies and techniques, but I find it helps more then any medication does. Do you have any tips or techniques you do daily? Any home remidies that work for you? Drop them in the comments! I’m always open to suggestions! Enjoy the rest of your Friday loves & have a GREAT weekend! I’ll talk to all y’all Monday 🙂

Xoxo, Lexi


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  1. A couple of weeks ago I started drinking a cup of lemon/ginger tea every nite, I’m completely off the Nexium which I have been on for several years for heartburn.


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