Weekend Roundup

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Hey hey guys! Happy Monday! We have made it to the beginning of another week, so lets make this the best one yet! Personally, I am excited because I am starting the journey of the Keto diet (which I’m sure many of you have heard about by now but if not, Google it!) today and I can’t wait to see my results. I have had numerous people give me tips, suggestions, and recipes. Plus, I bought a new Keto book which will arrive tomorrow and will be a good starting point for me. Find Keto: The Complete Guide to Success on The Ketogenic Diet, Including Simplified Science and No-Cook Meal Plans here! I will be posting in each blog post from here on out how the Keto lifestyle is going for me, as well as recipes, snacks, suggestions, and what not to do/eat/drink.

Anyways, lets get on with the real reason you’re here: it’s a weekend roundup! So, this weekend we had the kids so Friday we hung out at home and I cooked dinner. Then we watched some TV and I took a short nap then still proceeded to go to bed early (I’m an old lady at heart). Saturday I had to take Hershey to the vet then after that, Brynlee and I went to Toledo for a girls day. I dropped my wedding ring off at the jeweler because I had a freakin’ stone missing! So sad I had to leave my ring there until this Saturday, I feel lost without it :(. We then went to the mall to do some shopping, of course. We didn’t stay too long because we wanted to make a trip to Ciolinos fruit market in Temperance, Michigan. They have the freshest fruit around and yeah, it’s not that close to home, but it’s so worth the trip and it was on the way home from Toledo anyways. We picked up some blueberries, apples, strawberries, cucumbers, bananas, and cantalope, and it only cost $14!! If I were to buy all that at our local grocery store, it would have been double that price. I have a feeling I’m going to be making bi-weekly trips there because we go through a lot of fruit in our house. Checkout Ciolinos website here for hours of operation and to get specials sent straight to your inbox!

Then as soon as Brynlee and I got home, I had to run to Tecumseh to get oil for Ben’s Harley so he could change it before his big trip (more about that in a later post!). While I was in town, I swung by a cute little store called Another Vice. They sell antique pieces that have been restored such as tables, chairs, dressers, and more. They also sell chalk paint and glaze for DIY projects such as the one I’m going to begin this weekend (I’ll post about it as soon as it’s done! Don’t want to spoil the surprise!). So Saturday night, I made Ben’s favorite chicken enchilada soup. We ate half the pot before dinner was even done. Then a couple of our friends came over to hang out for a couple hours, so it was nice to visit with them. Sunday was a chill day at home. I cleaned the house, took a nap, and my mom came over for dinner– which we just ordered in some pizza. We ended the night watching Kids Baking Championship and going to bed at a decent time.

So tell me, how was your weekend? Do anything fun & exciting, or did you take a couple days to relax at home? Try any new recipes? Share what you did with me in the comments! I’ll be back tomorrow with a recipe you won’t want to miss and it’ll become a dinnertime favorite among the kids (we had no leftovers!). Enjoy the rest of your Monday and if it’s nice out where you are, get out and enjoy the sunshine– I wish I could but it’s just too cold for that here!

Xoxo, Lexi

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