#Weekendroundup (on a Monday!)

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Hey everyone, whats goin’ on?! So sorry I didn’t do a weekend roundup yesterday but I spent some quality time with family to end my birthday weekend and that was SO nice! My weekend started off by sitting outside with Hershey relaxing, she loves to watch cars go by.20180816_153046 (1)

Friday evening I went to a wine tasting bachelorette party for one of my very good college friends. It had been YEARS since I had seen her and I had a wonderful time tasting new wines paired with the correct foods– such a great idea for a bachelorette party rather than going out to bars all night, IMO. Gotta say though, the best part of my night was seeing Aly. Also my outfit was on point, shout out to Maurices for that.


So now, *drumroll please*, Saturday was my birthday! Started off by eating cake and opening gifts my wonderful momma got me. She got me the absolute cutest Pioneer Woman kitchen towels and measuring spoons since you all know how much I love Pioneer Woman! She also got me a Starbucks gift card which I used the next day, obviously. After that, we relaxed around the house with my husband and then Ben & I went to a pond party at a friends. We stayed there for awhile, stopped by a little hole in the wall bar to kill some time, then went to hang out with friends and we ended up eating some really good pizza (you all know I am a pizza connoisseur).


This was us leaving the bar and headed to hang with some friends. Obviously I wasn’t on the bike because of my surgery so I had to at least get a pic with my pretty orange bike 🙂

Sunday I did absolutely nothing– almost! I hung out at home all day, made some food, finished the newest Danielle Steel book, and then Ben convinced me to come watch a band with him at a local bar. He had been out all day and ended up there and they were having a benefit for Pets for Vets, so I figured why the hell not. It was hot as blazes outside in the sun but I enjoyed spending time with him.

My favorite person! 
Very rarely will you see me in a hat but 1. Like I said, it was hotter then heck out and 2. I didn’t bother doing my hair all day and I wasn’t about to do it at 5pm on a Sunday so, soccer mom hat it is for the win!

Overall, it was a great weekend! So guys, how was your weekend?! Leave me a comment and tell me anything exciting you did or want to share, I love hearing from you all! I’ll be back tomorrow with a new #goodread post. If you are a Danielle Steel fan, or any type of book lover, tune in! It’s gonna be a good one!

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your Monday, I’ll be sitting outside working on homework so my night is about to be long. Love you all!



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