The Good Fight

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Happy Tuesday loves! Does it seem like it’s been a long week already or is that just me? ‘Cause I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am for the weekend!


Anyways, let me get to the point. I just finished a fantastic book! Yet another good read by Danielle Steel and it is called The Good Fight. It is about Merrie McKenzie from the time she was a little girl in the 1950’s until roughly the late 70’s to early 80’s and all she accomplished throughout college and her adult life. Her role model was her grandpa who was a supreme court justice and how he always told her to fight the good fight and stand up for what she believes in. This book covers racial protests and injustices such as the Rosa Parks bus boycott, Martin Luther King Jr. protests and marches, school segregation, and more. In between all that, she meets her best friend at college who is a holocaust survivor that was adopted by an American family.

It hits alot of key points from that time period and before during the holocaust, and what she did to stand up for what she believed in. Later in life, she goes to law school and becomes a prominent lawyer who handles discrimination lawsuits.

I’ll stop there so I’m not giving away the whole story! Overall, it is a great read (best paired with a glass of wine, in my opinion)!

Anyways, pick up a copy at your local bookstore or find it at!

K guys, I’ll be back tomorrow with a #whatupwednesday post you all will love! There will be a great new recipe I really cannot wait to share with all of you so check back in tomorrow or subscribe to get the latest posts sent straight to your inbox!

I’m off to work some more on this new recipe coming at ya all tomorrow, have a great rest of your Tuesday loves!



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