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Happy hump day! We have made it halfway through the week and my birthday vacation starts TOMORROW! I cannot wait to do a #traveltuesday post next week about our little getaway. Anyways, I’m not going to ruin the surprise about where we are going, you can subscribe and come back next week and read all

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#Weekendroundup (on a Monday!)

Hey everyone, whats goin’ on?! So sorry I didn’t do a weekend roundup yesterday but I spent some quality time with family to end my birthday weekend and that was SO nice! My weekend started off by sitting outside with Hershey relaxing, she loves to watch cars go by. Friday evening I went to a

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#WhatUp Wednesday

Happy Wednesday guys! We have officially made it halfway through the week! I was going to come at you last night with a new recipe post, but I got caught up watching SOA, like always. So, today I will be sharing that with you. Also, I gotta share how the #keto diet is going and

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