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Grace not Perfection, part 3

Every love story really is beautiful, but mine & my husbands really is my favorite. I met Ben when I was 18 and working a patio party, but he was still married to his first wife. Little did I know that wouldn’t be for much longer but before I would know that, I went off

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Grace not Perfection, part 2

It’s Friday eve, guys! Today will be a breeze (at least for me it will be) and next thing ya know, we will have just one workday left. I have a couple appointments after work but then I am going to go home and binge on pizza and Netflix and wait for my handsome husband

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Grace not Perfection, part 1

OMG guys, I am reading this AMAZING book by Emily Ley called “Grace not Perfection”, and let me tell you, I’ve only read one chapter and it’s absolutely wonderful! I will be doing a blog series on this by chapter because seriously, it’s going to be that good. So, let’s begin with chapter 1, “Discovering

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