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#WhatUp Wednesday

Happy Wednesday guys! We have officially made it halfway through the week! I was going to come at you last night with a new recipe post, but I got caught up watching SOA, like always. So, today I will be sharing that with you. Also, I gotta share how the #keto diet is going and

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Weekend Roundup

Happy Monday everybody! It is a beautiful sunny day in Northwest Ohio at work today, which is totally making this day better since it’s not so dreary outside. I hope you all had a great weekend– I know I did! I am currently at my desk looking outside wishing it was about 20° warmer and

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#WhatUpWednesday (on a Thursday!)

Guys. It’s officially Thursday! You know what that means, don’t ya? One day closer to the weekend! I’ve been MIA from Life with Lexi, but life has been busy and not gonna lie, Ben and I have been binge watching a new show so I blame that! So, all you lucky readers get a #WhatUpWednesday

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